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Fluorescent Bulb Disposal

The Mark 2000 (Universal)

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Need a Solution for Disposal of Fluorescent Bulbs ?

Accessories & Supplies

It is of utter most importance that you change the Accessories & Supplies regularly !

The Filter Replacement Kit is designed for the Mark 2000 and includes 20 6mil heavy duty disposal bags, 1 set of mercury/HEPA combination filters, 1 particle filter and 1 spent filter disposal bag.
The Lens & Fixture Cleaner Kit (LFC), free of all volatile organic compounds, comes with 4 litres of Concentrate 100-1 Mix, a 4 litre Mixing Container, 3 ft. spray nozzle applicator and 2 packages of heavy duty E-Tork wipes (180 sheets).

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Why the Mark 2000 ?
Unlike the drum style bulb crushers currently on the market, the Mark 2000 and it Universal Model has been engineered with a two stage looped filtration system, which captures mercury vapor and phosphor powder without external air filtration, hence eliminating exposure of hazardous vapors and particles to its operators.

These products are the most advanced technological solutions on the market for the crushing of spent Fluorescent Light Bulbs and compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs.


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